You’re Losing Money Because Your Website Isn’t Ready For Mobile!

As you read these words, thousands of potential customers in your city are using their MOBILE PHONES to search for local businesses like yours…


The question is…

Can they easily find your business on their phones?

And if they find your site…

Will it look like this?


Or like this?


If your current website is not optimized for mobile phones,
you could be losing thousands of dollars a week,
or even thousands of dollars a day

Did you know these important facts about mobile?…

76% of mobile phone users want to find key information as soon as they reach the website of a local business.
57% of mobile users would not recommend a local company that has a BAD mobile website
40% of potential customers have turned to a competitor due to a BAD mobile website
There are 5 times more mobile phones in the world’s personal computers.

Hurry and see why your current desktop
website is losing you money!

Are You Making These Costly
Mistakes On Your Website?

Website loads to slow
Key info is hard to find
Text is too small
Difficult to navigate
Site is not “thumb-friendly”
Links are difficult
to tap
No mobile ready features
Fails to capture client’s contact info

Here’s what a mobile optimized
website should do…
Mobile website loads in less than 5 seconds
Key information is easy to find
Text is large and easy to read
Fast and simple to navigate
Site is “Thumb-Friendly”
Fully cross-platform
Mobile-ready features
Can capture client’s contact info for follow-up and list building

Here’s what a premium mobile website does for you and your business…

Attracts New Customers

Your mobile site is designed to work with the top search engines like Google Places, etc. and convert those searching for your type of business into money in your pockets.
Increases Immediate Customer Action

There isn’t a better time to convert your prospects into customers than when they’ve landed on your site. With our Tap-to-Call feature, your mobile website allows your customers to tap a button and instantly call you so they can take you up on your offer.

Builds Your Business’ Most Valuable Asset… It’s FanBase

With your mobile site, you’ll build your business’ most valuable asset, your FanBase. By capturing your prospects and customers contact information on your mobile website, you’ll be able to market to them regularly and ensure any new location your business has is successful from day one.
Increases Your Customer Retention & Life-Time Customer Value

Keep your customers coming back with email & text message marketing campaigns. Send them offers for your weekly deals, special events, and even for their birthdays.
Increases Foot Traffic

Automatic GPS map & directions to your business’ location(s) makes it easy for your customers to find you and visit more often. You’ll increase in-store foot traffic by reaching local & traveling customers from the “Local Mobile” search engines, Social Review sites, popular GPS Devices and Mobile Apps hungry diners go to and use everyday to find restaurants from their phones.
Saves You Money And Time By Going Digital

Traditional Coupons are out and Mobile Coupons are in. Incentivize your customers to do business with you by leveraging on-demand coupons that they can access and redeem right from their mobile phones.
Explodes Your Word-of-Mouth Marketing

With a tap of a button, your customers can instantly share & recommend your business with their friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.
Gains Your Business More Positive Reviews

Through your mobile website, customers can quickly access your business’ profile on Yelp and Foursquare and leave a testimonial about how much they love doing business with you.
Remember these key facts about how your customers use their mobile phones to make important decisions about business, lifestyle and shopping via mobile devices…
Hurry and see why your current desktop
website is losing you money!

Why work with us…

When you’re in business for yourself, 2 things keep you up at night…

If you’re an overworked business owner, dissatisfied with the results you’re getting from traditional advertising and marketing methods, then it’s time to change your strategy and tactics…

Our leading-edge mobile marketing system helps you do just that…

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